Oliver K. Woodman


by Darcy Pattison
I’m catching up on postings I should have done earlier. When I was in Syracuse, NY two weeks ago, Joe Newton presented me with a fantastic wooden Oliver! JoeNewtonMakesOliverNewton is one member of a woodworking club that makes Olivers and donates them to schools. When kids travel, librarians let kids check out Oliver, his backpack and his travel journal. He comes back with pictures and tales to tell.
Thanks, Joe! And thanks for your contribution to your community!

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1 Comment
  • Barbara Halsted
    August 13, 2008

    I am interested in a pattern/directions for making an “Oliver” for my students. My gifted and talented students are doing a unit on travel and we are using the Oliver stories to introduce the unit to other students.
    Barbara Halsted
    Harrison School District #1
    Harrison, AR