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  • Approaching Voice: summary of comments

    This is an attempt to summarize and organize the comments on my posting last week about voice. Thanks to these writers for making comments: Janni Simner, Joni Sensei, Sarah Miller, T.E. Wymer, Lori Van Hoesen, and Linda Urban. Apologies, if I’ve misconstrued anything. Read the full discussion. Voice: A summary of comments What is Voice? […]

  • How to Approach Voice

    When you approach the topic of Voice of a novel and how to produce a pleasing Voice for fiction, especially as you revise, I think a helpful attitude is to think of the approaches as a continuum. The Approach to Voice Continuum The continuum runs from a Craft Approach (very left-brained, structured craft oriented skills […]

  • Voice Experiments

    One way that I play with voice is to mimic the style of another writer.  For this exercise, I write a section without worrying about voice.  Then, I take a couple of books I admire that I think might have a voice that would work for my story.  I try to imitate their style. That is, I […]

  • POV and Voice

    L asks: “Do you think an author’s ‘voice’ is easier to establish when a novel is written in 3rd POV omniscient than in 1st POV? Just asking because in the writing of my current WIP novel, I felt that I had to find and stick with the MC’s voice, and now in the polishing – […]

  • Voice Friday: Words for Your Voice

    Voice Friday: Search Your Voice for Words Words Voice Friday: Word Choices Voice Friday: Word Connotations Voice Friday: Word Sounds I’ve talked before about the importance of word choices in establishing voice. So, now, you’re editing your novel and you’ve decided that this word is the right diction, has the right connotations, and sounds right. […]

  • Deeper into Voice

    by Darcy Pattison Q: How do you go deeper into a character’s voice? A. I wonder if this question is about the character’s voice or about characterization in general. When a critiquer says you need to go deeper into a character’s voice, it could be either. Characterization If characterization is the problem, there are a […]