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  • Novel Diagnosis–Plot

    Novel Diagnosis Series Introduction Characters Dialogue Scenes Voice VoiceRevisited Plot After a couple days off for the Phoenix retreat, I’m returning today to the Novel Diagnosis series with a discussion identifying major plot elements. Plot consists of the story’s events that build upon each other to lead to a resolution of a conflict. This means […]

  • Hero’s Journey

    by Darcy Pattison Star Wars as a Model for Hero’s Journey Have you ever used the Hero’s Journey to plot? Last night on the History Channel, I watched, “Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed.” Essentially, it went through all the elements of a hero’s journey and talked about how the six Star Wars movies epitomized the […]

  • Revising Outlines

    by Darcy Pattison One of my current projects is working on a synopses and outlines for a proposed series, both of which are used in marketing of a series. A friend said that one of the proposed outlines didn’t seem like it was enough for a full book, but just a major scene in a […]