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  • 99 Picture Books to Study

    Over at Playing by the Books, the UK blogger (bilingual Dutch/English), is talking about picture books. The UK Secretary for Education, Michael Gove has suggested that kids read at least 50 books a year. Playing by the Books took up the challenge: I approached six brilliant UK-based illustrators and asked them to contribute towards a […]

  • How To Write A Picture Book: Resources

    12 Updated Resources for 2011 State of the industry. First, a basic question: Are picture books dead? Not according to Karen Springen and PW. Don’t Write the Obit For Picture Books Yet, By Karen Springen, Dec 12, 2010 Writing Encouragement. Natl Pic Book Writing Week May 1-7, 2011National Picture Book Writing Week is a take […]

  • STOP! Cut Picture Book Mss by 1/3

    Stop! Before you send out that picture book manuscript, cut it by at least one-third. Really. Make that revision. Biggest Mistake in Picture Book Manuscripts I recently read a picture book manuscript from a novice writer and it had the usual problem: too long. In a picture book manuscript, every word counts, so you must […]

  • Literature for the Youngest

    Last week, after welcoming my new grandson into the world, I brought my 22 month old grand-daughter back to our house for a couple days. Of course – of course! – I took her to story time at our local library. Baby – Toddler Story Time If you want to write literature for the youngest, […]

  • Animals Stand in for Kids

    I’m currently revising a picture book and finding it to be a bit tricky because I created animal characters. Of course, in a fiction picture book, animal characters are often just stand-ins for kids. Why Use an Animal Character in a Fictional Picture Book? Get Rid of Adults. I wanted to have two characters playing […]

  • Revise: Remember the 4 Sources of Conflict

    Conflict, the type that motivates and moves a plot, comes from four sources. Yesterday, an editor asked for revisions on a very short piece which was meant for a kindergarten or first grade audience. The editor didn’t like the competitiveness between siblings. But when she contemplated taking out that conflict, she correctly understood that the […]