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  • Do You Write for the Market? Or Yourself? Or Both?

    Do you write for the market? Or do you just write novels, picture books and articles for yourself? You’ll hear the advice both ways: Write what you want to write so you can write the truest book you can write. Write with the market in mind. It depends on your writing goals. If your writing […]

  • 1.6 Million Reasons Why Your Books Should Be in the iBook Store

    Have your books been updated and made for sale as ebooks? Are you on the Kindle store, the Nook store, or the Kobo store? Great. But if you’re not on the iBook store, you’re missing sales. Here’s why. A recent 2014 survey by Education Market Research asked schools about what tablets they currently own. Apple’s […]

  • Synopsis: A Google Example

    A couple years ago, Google produced a promotional video, Parisian Love, which advertised its search capabilities in a very simple way. There are merely twelve phrases entered into a Google Search box. And yet–it tells a story and tugs at the heart strings. It evokes emotion. How good is this copy? The video has received […]

  • Book Reviews on Your Author Website: A Surprisingly Simple Widget

    [bha id=’GRRevPost’ size=’300×250′ variation=’03’ align=’alignright’] Why do most online sites include reviews of products? It’s called social proof. If someone else likes a product, you’re more likely to be interested. For clothing, I like to see if the sizing is correct, or if I should buy up or down a size. For household appliances, I […]

  • 5 Interesting Podcasts: Kidlit, Social Media & Self-Publishing

    With limited time to keep up on the business of writing and publishing, I have found myself turning to podcasts. A podcast is like a radio program, but you can play it on demand. To listen, I have the Pocket Casts Lite app on my iPhone; the free version allows me to set up five […]

  • Thank You, AuthorCentral

    One of the online tools I use weekly is, which is an Amazon site with a backend for authors. It gives authors access to the listings about your book, statistics about sales, reviews of all your books on a single page and access to Amazon for correcting mistakes. Book Listings. When you log onto […]