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  • Audiofile Reviews Kell, the Alien Audiobook

    Totally exciting! Audiofile Magazine has reviewed Kell, the Alien, the first book in The Aliens, Inc. Series! Doing alien voices gives narrator Josiah John Bildner a fun challenge. When the Smith family’s spaceship crashes to Earth, they’re forced to live and talk like Earthlings. Bildner skillfully renders the conversations between Kell, now a third-grader, and […]

  • I Want a Dog by Darcy Pattison

    Today launches two new books for me. How the Stories Started. For years, I’ve taught writing. I teach everything from kindergarteners to advanced novelist, gifted-and-talented kids to reluctant writers. I’ve developed techniques for helping people write stronger and they usually involve either revising or prewriting. In schools, it’s hard to get kids to revise; they […]

  • 18 Months of Indie Publishing

    About eighteen months ago, my writing career pivoted: I decided to commit to self-publishing my work. I’ve not talked about it much because I’ve been so busy being an author and publisher, but I’m going to take time to reflect on the experience and look toward the future. WHY INDIE PUBLISH? There are many reasons […]

  • Wisdom: Oldest Bird in World to Hatch New Chick

    On December 10, 1956, ornithologist Chandler Robbins banded about 20 Laysan albatrosses on Midway Atoll. Today, one of those is considered the oldest known wild birds in the world. Presumed to be at least five years old, the minimum breeding age, Wisdom is now over 63 years old. She has incredibly survived yet another year […]

  • Audio Books: Listen to This!

    According to the Wall Street Journal, audio books have “ballooned into a $1.2 billion industry, up from $480 million in retail sales in 1997. Unit sales of downloaded audio books grew by nearly 30% in 2011 compared with 2010, according to the Audio Publishers Association.” Some reasons include the ease of listening on smart phones, […]

  • Japanese Audience: Your Books Travel the World

    When you sit in your home office and write, do you think about reaching kids around the world? Neither do I. Yet, I’ve been privileged to be published in eight languages: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish and English. My books have been read by children and adults across the globe. That’s an amazing […]