Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma

Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma in English. Named an NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book 2015. | DarcyPattison.com

***NSTA Outstanding Science Trade Book 2015***


When a mother puma, an attempt to steal a chicken, she is caught in a trap and dies. The search is on for orphaned cubs. Will the scientists be able to find the cubs before their time runs out?

In this “Biography in Text and Art,” Harvill takes original photos as references to create accurate wildlife illustrations. These aren’t generic cats, but one particular individual in detail. Pattison’s careful research, vetted by scientists in the field, brings to life this this true story of an infant cub that must face a complicated world alone—and find a way to survive.

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Suzanne Prange, Ph.D. Wildlife Research Biologist, ODNR Ohio Division of Wildlife:
“This book is very good and the artwork is beautiful. It is good in that it exposes children to the loss of the Brazilian forest and the resulting wildlife-human conflicts. I also think using a mother-cub scenario will really bring the seriousness of the issue home for children. I like that it brings in issues like corridors and connectivity of habitat, and that it stresses the importance of no human contact during the cub’s rehabilitation so he could be released into the wild again. It is good that children understand that this is the goal – to be wild again – not to be a pet or a zoo exhibit. Overall, I see how this book could be a wonderful teaching tool.”

Cutting Edge Environmental Science

Today, scientists are working to create corridors, places for wildlife to safely travel from one wild place to another. The survival of this puma may depend on how fast scientists can develop corridors in the midst of a heavily populated area. This story shows the results of spreading population and loss of habitat on wild animals.



PW Starred Review.
PW Starred Review.
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**Starred** Publisher’s Weekly Review

  • “. . .Pattison writes crisply and evocatively. . .”
  • “Harvill contributes carefully detailed and naturalistic illustrations. . .”

Amazon Top 50 Reviewers D. Fowler 5-Star review,
“. . .fascinating tale. . Young students will watch closely as the tension mounts in this tale. . .The artwork is stunningly beautiful and meshes perfectly with the tale.”

Amazon Top 10 Reviewer J. Chambers 5-Star review,
“. . . enjoyable story, with a bit of environmental learning. . .

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