Report on the Novel Revision Retreat


Susan Fields, YA Novelist.

Susan Fields of the Hands Off my Coffee and No One Gets Hurt: An Insomniac’s Guide to the Writing Life blog has posted a report on the St. Louis Novel Revision Retreat. And check out this Facebook album of the participants hard at work.

At the retreat, one of the informal discussions was about Social Media and what authors should be doing. Susan is doing it: creating a blog early in her career so she can find the topics she wants to talk about, so she can build an audience, so she can build momentum. They were all surprised when I said I love comments on my blog! Of course! All bloggers want comments, we want to know if you are listening or not, disagreeing or not, grumbling or not, agreeing or not.

So please go and comment on Susan’s blog. While you’re doing that, here are blogs from other participants, some well published and others early in their career. Go check them out and leave comments–lots of comments to encourage them! (Pages listed in random order.)

What tips would you give to a beginning writers about social media? What do you wish you had done early on?

Writers were sustained by coffee during the retreat.

  • Susan Fields
    September 19, 2012

    I’m on Darcy’s blog – I feel famous! Once again, thank you for an amazing retreat, Darcy! I’m giving everything a few days to gel in my mind, and then I’ll be hard at work putting everything I learned into practice.

  • Cynthia reeg
    September 21, 2012

    What a great retreat last weekend! Thanks again, Darcy, for all your insights and encouragement. You’ll be happy to know I’ve been hard at work this week revising– thanks to you & your NOVEL METAMORPHOSIS.


  • Darcy Pattison
    September 21, 2012

    When it sells, be sure to let me know!