Celebrate Reading, Book Trailers and More


Celebrate Reading, Book Trailers and More

    SLJ’s Trailie Award Finalists are Announced: The Best Book Trailer Award

    The voting is open. On my sister site, BookTrailerManual.com, I’ve posted the videos for you to watch. Be sure to vote for your favorite. Awards will be announced on October 22.

  1. Celebrate Reading

    Holly Cupala is celebrating! She says, “In honor of YALSA’s Teen Read Week and National Book Month in October, I invited a bunch of my favorite bloggers to tell me what they’d like to see on the YA shelf. “

    My contribution will be up on Tuesday, October 4. Read the series and comment to be entered in her contest for great prizes.Teen Read Week

  2. 5 Myths about Book Selling

    True or false:

    • Newspaper reviews sell books.
    • Bookshops are only interested in best sellers.
    • The buyers in the big chains know a great deal about retail but not so much about books.
    • Publishers can bribe their way to the front of store
    • Book Promotions, such as Buy 3 for the Price of 2, are too powerful. (This is a promotion technique used at Waterstone, a UK bookstore.)

    Read the answers here.

  3. Literary Agents Open the Door to Self-Published Writers IF . . .

    What makes the difference? Why would this self-published author be of interest and NOT this one?

  4. Agency Pricing for Ebooks

    Where in the supply chain is the value? Does the author had the value for the reader and everyone else just gets in the way? I’m still trying to sort out ebooks and how selling them works best.

  5. Malcom Gladwell’s Story Process

    Some have criticized this non-fiction author of popularizing and simplifying information too much. Still, I like Blink! and his other books. Read about his story process here.

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