23 May

The Ten-Foot Dash

There are days when you give out and days that you take in. Today, I took in.

This morning, I rode my bike along the River Trail, which runs through the rich river bottom of the Arkansas River: we saw white tails, and cotton tails, and curiously, a black skunk with no white stripe. Bounds, gallumphs and waddles. Then, for a few brief seconds, I raced an indigo bunting. It teased me, flying just at peddle-height, iridescent blue passing me easily, dipping to touch the ground right in front of me, forcing me to break hard, before it skipped easily into the underbrush and disappeared.

For a few seconds — for a ten-foot dash — I raced an indigo bunting. I’ll be bragging all day!
I raced an indigo bunting.

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