Health Care for Writers

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If you are self-employed, you are worried about health care. I know: I had surgery in July and it took six months to get all the bills cleared up.

The new Affordable Heatlth Care plan goes into effect in 2014, with enrollment beginning October, 2013, when self-employed persons can sign up for one of a tier of products. The Small Business Administration has just started a new website and blog about health care to help educate the public. Here are some places to start:

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    Darcy, I’ve taken online classes through I also am an insurance agent IRL. Choosing to live without health insurance can be a devastating and risky proposition. If you have followers having difficulty obtaining health insurance, they can join and obtain a group health insurance plan. I’ve not investigated it, but it looks like a viable and an affordable option for writers. Mediabistro is a professional site for writers, editors, journalists, copy editors etc. Many members are self-employed free lance writers. Happy writing all!