Crazy days

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I’m still poking around for ideas for a new novel.

These are Crazy Days

  • I’m avoiding writing, or I’m writing frantically about nothing or everything.
  • I’m doing small chores which I’ve put off forever.
  • Shameless Commerce Division: If one of those small chores YOU have put off is posting a review of Novel Metamorphosis on Amazon, please do that small chore.

    Thanks! I appreciate my friends.

  • I’m messing around with a speech for the Arkansas Association of Instructional Media on Monday.
  • I’m getting handouts ready for that speech.
  • I’m wondering if I’ll ever find a new story, new characters to commit to.
  • I”m wishing I had characters to talk to and to follow around. Well, there is one, but he’s mighty strange, even if he is handsome, in a foreign sort of way. And he wants something about himself in the title of the book. But if he’s the protag, then who is the antag? So, maybe, he’s the antag?
  • I’m even avoiding writing anything helpful here on the blog. Sigh. Someone kick me!
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    Oh, but you DID write something helpful on the blog! Just knowing that someone else does exactly what I do when trying to get going on a new project (totally guilty of the first two bulleted points in your post!!) is very helpful- at least to this one writer :) I’ll feel MUCH better as I finish up my WIP, put it away, and stare down the blank page once again…and then go organize my tupperware cupboard instead!