3 Reasons I Failed NaNoWriMo – and Why It’s OK


I am a failure. I signed up for NaNoWriMo–again. And again–I failed to make 50,000 words. But I have good reasons. World Building. I did massive work this month on world building. Since I’m writing a science fiction novel, I needed to invent technology, figure out where to locate installations, design the installations to meet […]

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Hope, Optimism, Despair: Writer’s Emotional Roller Coaster


Hope Once we finish a draft of a novel and start thinking about revising, there is hope. In her slim volume, Writing Past Dark: Envy, Fear, Distraction and Other Dilemmas in the Writing Life, Bonnie Friedman starts like this: The happiest I’ve even been was departing before dawn to the bus station in Madrid. The […]

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Heights and Depths: A Writing Life

Winner of the 2013 Writer's Digest Self-Published Books award for children's picture book category. Received a Starred Review in Publisher's Weekly.

In the space of a week, I’ve gone from the heights to the depths. First, the good news. Last week, I was thrilled to learn that my book, Wisdom, the Midway Albatross was given a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly. This book has defied all the odds–just as Wisdom has done. “. . .Pattison writes […]

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Writers Must Be Readers

Darcy Pattison Reading

What comes out depends on what goes in. Garbage in, garbage out. Literature in, literature out. But what if there’s nothing going in? I’ve been reading less lately and it shows in less coming out. Well, that’s not strictly true. I’ve been reading, but mostly internet articles, websites, blogs–not books. This week, though,I’ve read two […]

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Writing in the Midst of Life


I’m grouchy. I just bought a week’s pass at the Medical Center parking deck. My MIL has been sick, in and out of ICU, finally back to a rehab place, but in ER twice this week. Probably will go back before the end of the week, hence the week’s pass. Writing? Yes and no. When […]

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Novel Started, But. . .

I’ve started my new novel. 443 words! But, life is already intruding. How dare it? Family health issues (MIL in hospital), news of great joy (too early to be public about these), events that require massive amounts of intense time (Arkansas Literary Festival), planning for future events, and well, fill in the blank with your […]

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Snow Days: 3 Tips for Unexpected Days Off


Arkansas was blanketed with snow yesterday, up to 2 feet in NW-Arkansas, and about 6″ (officially) in central Arkansas, although it looks like much more to me. When you have an unexpected day off, what do you do? Read. I had already bought Paolo Bacigalupi’s book, Shipbreakers, which just won the Printz award for best […]

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