Endangered Species Day: Book Trailer

Today, May 16th is Endangered Species Day. It’s a day to remember the dangers to our environment if we can’t help endangered species survive. Here’s a not-so-serious look at my latest book trailer. It’s a spoof of DirectTV ads. If you can’t see this video, click here. The ABAYOMI eBook is on sale for $0.99 […]

I Won a Publicity Consult in 2011: What I Learned

Debby Edwardson

ATTEND the 4th Annual Random Acts of Publicity event on Facebook. OR, LIKE our Board on Pinterest and add some photos of book conversations. Read the FAQ. Coming on Thursday, September 6: WIN A MARKETING CONSULT FOR A FRIEND! Susan Raab of Raab Associates (http://raabassociates.com/) has kindly offered 10 FREE marketing consults. The catch? You […]

The Book Trailer Manual


Dear Fellow Author: BOOK TRAILERS HELP TO PROMOTE BOOKS How do you get readers for your book? First, write a great book. Ah, yes, you’ve already done that. (Be sure it’s the very best you can make it before reading further!) Jump start Word-of-Mouth. But how do you get people to READ the great book […]

Hanging Off Jefferson’s Nose: Book Trailer Features Jack Conrad Lyrics

Tina & book with flag

Win a Free Book Trailer from Tina’s Trailers Comment about the book or book trailers below to be included in a drawing for a free book trailer. Deadline for comments is May 15, 2012 midnight. Case Studies of 3 Book Trailers One of my interests is book trailers, especially how to create great book trailers. […]