Endangered Species Day: Book Trailer

Today, May 16th is Endangered Species Day. It’s a day to remember the dangers to our environment if we can’t help endangered species survive. Here’s a not-so-serious look at my latest book trailer. It’s a spoof of DirectTV ads. If you can’t see this video, click here. The ABAYOMI eBook is on sale for $0.99 […]

I Won a Publicity Consult in 2011: What I Learned

Debby Edwardson

ATTEND the 4th Annual Random Acts of Publicity event on Facebook. OR, LIKE our Board on Pinterest and add some photos of book conversations. Read the FAQ. Coming on Thursday, September 6: WIN A MARKETING CONSULT FOR A FRIEND! Susan Raab of Raab Associates (http://raabassociates.com/) has kindly offered 10 FREE marketing consults. The catch? You […]

The Book Trailer Manual


Dear Fellow Author: BOOK TRAILERS HELP TO PROMOTE BOOKS How do you get readers for your book? First, write a great book. Ah, yes, you’ve already done that. (Be sure it’s the very best you can make it before reading further!) Jump start Word-of-Mouth. But how do you get people to READ the great book […]

Hanging Off Jefferson’s Nose: Book Trailer Features Jack Conrad Lyrics

Tina & book with flag

Win a Free Book Trailer from Tina’s Trailers Comment about the book or book trailers below to be included in a drawing for a free book trailer. Deadline for comments is May 15, 2012 midnight. Case Studies of 3 Book Trailers One of my interests is book trailers, especially how to create great book trailers. […]

How to Create A Book Trailer

Book Trailer: Archived Video and Purchased Music Today, I’m officially unveiling a new book trailer for Prairie Storms, my nonfiction picture book. I’ve done tons of research for the past two years ago and wrote The BookTrailer Manual, which will be totally revised in time for the 13th annual SCBWI Winter conference on January 27, […]

Marketing Intensive at SCBWI-NYC Conference


I’ll be speaking at the NYC SCBWI conference at the Marketing Intensive on Friday, January 27, 2012. I’ll be talkking through two topics: book trailers and little known features of Facebook. I’m planning a presentation packed with practical information. Book Trailers for Author Promotion I have written the ebook, THE BOOK TRAILER MANUAL (www.booktrailermanual.com). Articles […]

Dummies and Prairies

YA for Dummies and Prairie Storms What sounds does a ground hog make? An earless lizard? A burrowing owl? Six months ago, I had no idea! When I decided to create a book trailer for my forthcoming book, PRAIRIE STORMS, I knew I wanted something fun and useful for kids, parents and educators. We know […]

30 Days to Stronger!

We’ve done several 30-days series over the last few years. I’m considering topics for a couple “30 Days” series this year, probably March and October. What topics would you like to see? Plot, publicity, career, voice? Something else? Leave a comment, please, and let me know what interests you! Newly updated 30 Days series 30 […]

Book Trailers: On Facebook and About Aesthetics

Want to put YouTube videos on your Facebook? ReelSeo has a couple tutorials for you: How to Add a Video to Your Facebook Welcome Page The Definitive List of Video Apps for Facebook Pages Book Trailers: Is It Budget or Aesthetics that Matters? On my sister-site, BookTrailerManual.com, I’m having a discussion with Melissa from YABookshelf […]

You Tube Trends

Popular on YouTube Media Bistro this week interviewed Kevin Allocca about YouTube’s new Trends Dashboard, which lets you see what’s popular in different areas, and by age, gender. YouTube Trends Blog also points out interesting videos or topics. If you’re doing book trailers, you should check out what’s popular with your audience! Should Your Kid […]

Celebrate Reading, Book Trailers and More

Celebrate Reading, Book Trailers and More SLJ’s Trailie Award Finalists are Announced: The Best Book Trailer Award The voting is open. On my sister site, BookTrailerManual.com, I’ve posted the videos for you to watch. Be sure to vote for your favorite. Awards will be announced on October 22. Celebrate Reading Holly Cupala is celebrating! She […]

SLJ Establishes the Trailie Award

The School Library Journal has just established a new award for book trailers! Wahoo! The Trailie Award Voters must select the best video in six categories: publisher/author created for elementary readers (PreK-6) publisher/author created for secondary readers (7-12 grade) student created for elementary readers (PreK-6 grade) student created for secondary readers (7-12 grade) adult (anyone […]