10 Writer Quotes to Keep you Working on Your Novel

30 Days to a Stronger Novel Online Video course Writing teacher Darcy Pattison teachers an online video course, 30 Days to a Stronger Novel. Each day includes an inspirational quote, and tips and techniques for revising your novel. Here are the 10 of the inspirational quotes. Sign up now for the online video course. The […]

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What Next? 15 Questions to Help you Decide Your Next Writing Project


I was lucky enough to get an Advanced Reader Copy of Chip and Dan Heath’s new book, DECISIVE: How to make better choices in Life and Work. You may know the Heath brothers from their previous books, SWITCH: How to Change Things When Change is Hard and MADE TO STICK: Why Some Ideas Survive and […]

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Your Amazon Author Rank: Boon or Bane?


Today, I got the following letter from Amazon’s AuthorCentral service. It’s a great service that allows you to view data on all your books in a central location, including sales (as reported by BookScan, an important caveat). You can check for updated reviews, see if your visit to Kansas City last week resulted in a […]

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Report on the Novel Revision Retreat

Susan Field, YA Novelist.

Susan Fields of the Hands Off my Coffee and No One Gets Hurt: An Insomniac’s Guide to the Writing Life blog has posted a report on the St. Louis Novel Revision Retreat. And check out this Facebook album of the participants hard at work. At the retreat, one of the informal discussions was about Social […]

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11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph

11Ways copy

Awkward Family Photos Holidays mean family photos, right? This children’s book shows the extremes to which a kid can go to avoid those photos. The difference is that this girl has a good reason. THE STORY: “11 Ways to Ruin a Photograph” When her father goes soldiering for a year, a girl decides that without […]

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Alternate Publishing: POD to Finish a Series


Alternate Publishing Series TOC Alternate Publishing: POD to Finish a Series Alternate Publishing: Niche Marketing of Nutrition for Kids Alternate Publishing: Historical Fiction Alternate Publishing: Book Apps Alternate Publishing: Games and Educational Resources Alternate publishing has been a quiet, behind-the-scenes subject for the last two or three years, but I keep hearing people talking about […]

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Advice to a Beginner

Advice from the Sage One

Writing for Kids? It’s easy, right? Recently, I’ve talked to several beginners and here’s some of the most common advice I give. Main Character to Relate to and Identify With What age are you writing for? Adults? Then, you need an adult main character. Teens? Then, you need a teen main character. Elementary age kid? […]

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Shrunken Manuscript X-Treme


Guest post by Carol Fisher Saller Writing Eddie’s War, which consists of 76 prose-poem vignettes, wasn’t easy. I’ve chronicled elsewhere the trouble I got myself into by writing the scenes every which-way in random order without first outlining a plot or getting to know my characters. I’d think of a scene and write it—mostly little […]

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Kiki Hamilton: 2k11


Debut Novel: Spreadsheets Used for Plotting and Revising a Novel Introduced first in 2007, debut children’s authors have formed a cooperative effort to market their books. I featured Revision Stories from the Classes of 2k8 and 2k9 and this feature returns this year with the Class of 2k11. Class of 2008 Class of 2009 MORE […]

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Dummies and Prairies

YA for Dummies and Prairie Storms What sounds does a ground hog make? An earless lizard? A burrowing owl? Six months ago, I had no idea! When I decided to create a book trailer for my forthcoming book, PRAIRIE STORMS, I knew I wanted something fun and useful for kids, parents and educators. We know […]

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Geoff Herbach: 2K11

Low-res used under Fair Use

Replace Abstractions with Concrete Detail! Guest post by Geoff Herbach Introduced first in 2007, debut children’s authors have formed a cooperative effort to market their books. I featured Revision Stories from the Classes of 2k8 and 2k9 and this feature returns this year with the Class of 2k11. Class of 2008 Class of 2009 MORE […]

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12 Tips on Submissions

I’m having a submissions day. This is true: a manuscript that is only in a drawer or only a file on your computer will not sell. It’s only when you send out a manuscript to an editor that you get a contract, a sale, a publication. Last year, I talked about reevaluating my career and […]

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NonFiction Book Blast Trailer

Books & Authors for the NonFiction Book Blast I’m attending the June ALA conference and will be speaking on Sunday morning, along with nine other nonfiction authors. I’ve posted on the NonFiction Book Blast today, specifically telling more about writing Prairie Storms, but in general talking about the difference in writing fiction and nonfiction. PLEASE […]

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Social Media for Authors: Start Slow

In Social Media: the turtle wins.

In a recent post about Facebook Author Pages, Nathan Bradford said: When fan pages were first created, I think people were kind of nervous to get started on them due to the whole “fan” thing. It seemed a bit presumptuous to have a fan page when one wasn’t a celebrity. But Facebook pages are increasingly […]

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The New Facebook Page for Authors

Darcy Pattison

Today, everyone should be rolled over to Facebook’s new Page features. Why should authors care? Because it gives us new ways to interact with each other and with our readers. LIKE my Facebook Page: I know there are neat, nifty little buttons you can put here so you can LIKE my Page without going there. […]

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Author as Publisher?

Richard Curtis in a recent EReads post asks a provocative question: Do authors make good publishers? The question is in the context of ebooks, keep that in mind. They point to high-profile authors who have tried this route this year: Cory Doctorow, Seth Godwin and J.A. Conrath. Curtis concludes that the services of a publisher […]

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Advice for Younger Writers

Dori at 21

Guest post from Dori Butler What advice would you give to your younger self? I’ve always wanted to be a writer. Always. But wanting to be a writer is probably a lot like wanting to be a baseball player. Or a movie star. A lot of people want it, but most will settle for something […]

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