Keeping up with Bestsellers


What’s Hot: Various “Best” Lists

Here are a couple resources for keeping up with what’s hot in nonfiction series for kids and what’s selling at independent bookstores.


Series Nonfiction

Booklist Online has a wide variety of resources, including “best lists” of books.

For example:

Top 10 Graphic Novels for Youth: 2010 and several other up-to-date articles on graphic novels.

Yesterday, they did a Webinar on Series Nonfiction for kids and you can still see the “What’s New for 2010” handout. If you write nonfiction, it’s a great resource to see what’s in and up-and-coming.

Independent Bookstores

IndieBound, the American Bookseller’s Association, also has weekly lists of what’s selling, Indie Bestsellers, in independent bookstores in different categories.

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