Novel Revision Retreat in IL in February

Even if it is the week before Christmas, there’s lots of interesting discussions going on!

  • Novel Revision Retreat. I’ll be teaching the Novel Revision Retreat in Illinois on February 27 – March 1 for the IL-SCBWI. Only nine spots remain! Register soon! See comments here from previous participants. Or see comments from Kirby Larson here.
  • LeGuin movie. After her disappointment with the Earthsea movie, another Ursula LeGuin film?
  • Ageism. Is there ageism in publishing?
  • Ebook prices. What’s a fair price for ebooks?
  • First paragraphs. Did you read the winner of agent Nathan Bradford’s first paragraph contest? Especially interesting is his discussion of WHY this one won. In discussing the top five paragraphs, Bradford twice says, “Normally I don’t like/care for. . . ” Fascinating that breaking his expectations made these do so well. Then, the list of three most common — and most unsuccessful — openings is enlightening. A post to ponder.

    Along those lines, here’s a post about query letter cliches.

  • Newbery Medal in dispute. Have you been following the discussion about the Newbery Medal? It seems that some think it’s pointless because the committee selections are too difficult for kids, handle difficult topics, and would never, ever, be on a Children’s Choice award list. What do you think?