Retreat Trailer


For an inside glimpse of the Novel Revision Retreat, here’s a short video podcast or trailer from the recent San Rafael, California retreat.

Read more from Lisa Gottfried of, who edited this video for me.

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  • Jean Reidy
    September 11, 2009

    You’ve got to come to Colorado!!

  • Laura Dragon
    September 13, 2009

    The retreat done in New Orleans was very informative and well organized. I’d run into a dead end with my understanding of how to revise and now I know what I suspected. I’ve still got some work to do. Thanks Darcy for your help.

  • Darcy Pattison
    September 13, 2009

    Hey, those New Orleans writers know how to work and work hard! What an enthusiastic group!


  • Caroline Starr Rose
    September 14, 2009

    I’ve got my manuscript spread across the floor and am ready to jump in. Thank you for the direction, especially concerning voice.