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How do you get readers for your book?

First, write a great book. Ah, yes, you’ve already done that. (Be sure it’s the very best you can make it before reading further!)

Jump start Word-of-Mouth. But how do you get people to READ the great book you wrote? Don’t you want an easy way to introduce the book to readers and get them excited?

Even in today’s digital world, Word-of-Mouth (WOM) is the best way to spread news about your book. And book trailers are the best way to jump-start WOM because it gives your readers something to talk about.


The Book Trailer Manual (90 pages, pdf), along with the playlists I’ve created on,give you an in-depth look at what’s being done now, along with tips on creating your own Word-of-Mouth trailer.

By using The Book Trailer Manual (pdf):

  • Everything from idea to viral.
  • 8 specific ideas on content
  • 10 options for images and sound
  • 42 sites to submit to
  • Recommendations for hardware and software


Everything in The Book Trailer Manual is based on the most recent research available. You’ll learn more than just who is watching online videos. We combine conventional wisdom with research to give you answers to these questions:

  • What should you put in your trailer?
  • What is the shelf life of a trailer?
  • What is the best distribution strategy to get the most viewers?

The Idea: With 14 specific ideas for content and 10 ways to approach images and sound, you’ll be able to create compelling content. Need help or inspiration? The Book Trailer Manual Playlists on lead you through book trailers that illustrate your options.

The Book Trailer Manual by Darcy Pattison is a “must buy” if you want to create a book trailer. She covers every aspect from planning to marketing so easily and clearly that I couldn’t put it down. Her knowledge was impressive–and she imparts information about areas that I hadn’t even considered. I wish I’d had her manual before I started my first book trailer – but now my second trailer will be even better!
Kimberley Little, author of The Healing Spell (Scholastic).
See the book trailer, The Healing Spell.

3 Case Studies provide further examples of how authors successfully initiate book trailers or how they work with a publisher to make sure the trailer gets the most viewers.

10 Common Mistakes to AVOID. Explains how beginners often go wrong and how you can avoid those mistakes.

The complete process is laid out clearly:

  • creating an idea
  • writing a script
  • setting up the skeleton of the book trailer video
  • filling it in with sound and image
  • revising it
  • optimizing it so search engines can find it
  • distributing it

Software/Hardware. You’ll learn what to look for when you consider software and hardware.

Images and Sounds. You’ll learn where and how to purchase stock photos, video or sounds.

Learn More

Listen to a podcast interview with Darcy Pattison about Book Trailers

(mp3 file) with Joanna Penn of Click here to listen.

No one can guarantee huge sales of your book, not even your publisher. But The Book Trailer Manual gives you a chance:

  • It allows you to reach a world-wide audience.
  • It helps you find your audience online.
  • It gives you the possibility of going viral.
  • It gives you a positive step you can take yourself.


Darcy Pattison

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