15 Dec

Successes in 2009?

What Kind of Successes have YOU had This Year?

What kind of successes have you had this year? What is your biggest accomplishment for the year? Why this one?

What kind of year was 2009 for you?

10 thoughts on “Successes in 2009?

  1. I had one book come out and sold two more this year, which makes it … pretty much my best writing year since 1996.

    Hmm, looked at that way, I clearly need to drink some more champagne! :-)

  2. One of my books hit the NYT list! I sold a new YA. And I learned my next YA will be a lead title from Holt next fall. This has been my best writing year ever – and I got my first contract in 1997.

  3. I sold my first picture book this year. My freelance writing also hit a new high, even though I lost my two biggest contracts (oh, recession, you cruel beast).

    A blog post I wrote just got picked up by the New York Times online, and articles I wrote were picked up by the Today Show and CBS Morning Show.

    I feel like good things are happening–and I’m slowly developing the patience to stand how long it takes.

  4. Hurrah for 1st picture books!
    And when you lose clients, it’s great to find new places to sell your writing!

  5. Freelance contracts seemed to disappear at the end of 2008 and that trend continued through this year. I used my “unemployment” to produce a rough draft for a YA Novella, and Chapter 1 landed me a writing residency for the whole month of August: http://www.andersoncenter.org/residency_program.htm
    That month (along with Fiction Notes) gave me the push I needed to complete a solid first revision of the manuscript.

  6. Tina & Kimberly: Hurrah!
    Losing freelance contracts hurts, but in the end, maybe it was for the best.
    Kimberly, it’s a great year when you sell so well!


  7. I had my best year of freelance work in a long time, and was awarded an honorable mention in the Katherine Paterson Prize from Hunger Mountain, the journal of Vermont College of Fine Arts. Deeply encouraging!

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