The Agony of Revision


Revision is NOT a dirty word. Really. I know it takes time to revise. Again. But it’s so necessary; in fact, your book won’t sell unless you revise. Sigh. I know. I hate it, too. And really, what should you revise? Should you take my advice and do that BIG revision? Or will the story […]

30 Days to Stronger!

We’ve done several 30-days series over the last few years. I’m considering topics for a couple “30 Days” series this year, probably March and October. What topics would you like to see? Plot, publicity, career, voice? Something else? Leave a comment, please, and let me know what interests you! Newly updated 30 Days series 30 […]

Book Trailers: On Facebook and About Aesthetics

Want to put YouTube videos on your Facebook? ReelSeo has a couple tutorials for you: How to Add a Video to Your Facebook Welcome Page The Definitive List of Video Apps for Facebook Pages Book Trailers: Is It Budget or Aesthetics that Matters? On my sister-site,, I’m having a discussion with Melissa from YABookshelf […]