Options for Picture Book Characters

Picture book characters can make or break the story. We usually think of kids or at least humans as the main character, but there are other options. PICTURE BOOK CHARACTERS Humans 10 Little Fingers, 10 Little Toes. All the babies in this book are realistic babies. Inanimate Objects Objects as characters: Pumpkin Heads by Wendell […]

Picture Book Settings

Picturebook Settings The setting of a picture book is important because it determines much of the illustrations. Picture Book Settings When writing for kids, you walk a fine line between what is familiar v. exotic. Kids like the familiarity of neighborhoods, homes and schools. Yet, they also need to have their world expanded and literature […]

Shakespeare Helps You Write a Better Picture Book

When you’re thinking about writing a picture book, the structure if important. With about fourteen double-page spreads, it’s time to turn to Shakespeare for some help. Sonnets and Picture Books I think you can compare picture book structure to the structure of poetry. For example, sonnets have 14 lines, picture books can have 14 double-page […]

Check Your Picture Book’s Story Arc

You’ve written your picture book text and it divides nicely into about fourteen sections, so your first draft is looking good. Now, focus on the narrative arc. Narrative Arc Formula Here’s an easy formula to fill in for your narrative arc: This is a story about ______________________________ Who more than anything else wants __________________ (Alternate: […]